Dr. Marwit has made significant contributions to the area of "caregiving," having helped large numbers of families providing care to loved ones with chronic and/or terminal illnesses such as Alzheimer's disease and cancer, as well as families "sandwiched" between caring for young children and aging parents. He approaches caregivers with respect for the difficulty of their task, admiration for their perseverance, and appreciation of the complexity of the problem and its magnitude in a society that has a growing elderly population. He helps caregivers identify the problems they face, understand and express their feelings, mobilize their personal and community resources, and develop creative ways of achieving support and relief. He counsels caregivers in individual, family and group settings depending upon their circumstances.

Dr. Marwit's clinical work with caregivers is supported by his research and teaching. His caregiving research has been published in prominent journals including The Gerontologist, Journal of Clinical Psychology, Death Studies, and Omega: Journal of Death and Dying (see Resume). He has conducted professional education training in care-providing at universities, medical schools, and community organizations. He is the co-developer of the Marwit-Meuser Caregiver Grief Inventory which is being used in clinical and research settings nation-wide. This instrument measures the experience of Personal Sacrifice and Burden, Heartfelt Sadness and Longing, and Worry and Felt Isolation. Dr. Marwit is committed to helping people through this very difficult situation.