Separation and Divorce:
Not all couples choose to stay married. Dr. Marwit's philosophy is to respect when couples have made an honest attempt at reconciling differences, yet have come to a decision to separate or divorce. At that point, he directs his efforts toward helping them dissolve their relationship with a minimum of anger and blame and a maximum of mutual respect, and with special attention given to their children's welfare.

Dr. Marwit has worked with separating and divorcing couples for nearly 40 years. He is a trained divorce mediator and is also trained in the Collaborative Law Practice model, a solution-oriented approach to divorce where parting couples agree to work openly, respectfully, and cooperatively with attorneys and other specialists to arrive at mutually satisfactory agreements for themselves and their children without going to court. As an advocate of this approach, Dr. Marwit is an active member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals. He has served on the Executive Committees of the St. Louis Family Law Association and the Collaborative Law Alliance of New Hampshire.

Information about Collaborative Divorce, and it's alternatives, can be found in Program Announcements.