Planning for retirement is more than financial planning. Former President Jimmy Carter, in his book The Virtues of Aging, notes "we can expect to spend about half our adult life in retirement, but many of us don't prepare properly, except for trying to accumulate a financial base large enough." Much more difficult is anticipating, and preparing for, the emotional ramifications of leaving one's career of possibly 30-40 years, and entering a "second lifetime" which may be equally as long. Many retirees, regardless of financial stability, experience depression, boredom, and marital upheaval because of poor emotional planning.

Dr. Marwit's Retirement Project workshops are designed to help pre- and early-retirees avoid these pitfalls by developing "living" retirement plans based on their needs, personalities, and retirement goals. The Retirement Project workshops are built around the knowledge that retirement is not an event but a series of events that changes with time, age, and life circumstance, as well as with the life circumstances of others (spouses, children, aging parents, etc.). The Retirement Project takes all of these variables into account when helping people map their future. Financial planning comprises the last module of the workshop.