End of life:
Dr. Marwit has devoted a large part of the past 20 years of his clinical and academic career to helping people of all ages who are dying and grieving cope with this most difficult of life's transitions. He works with individuals, families, and communities facing both normal grief and unanticipated, traumatic grief such as that resulting from suicide, homicide, accident, SIDS, and unexpected illness. He also has extensive experience helping caregivers of terminally ill patients face the pre-death grief that comes with anticipating a pending loss (see Caregiving). His approach is to supply clients and families with both compassion and understanding that comes from years of experience, and with knowledge and tools for coping that comes from solid research. His Enrichment Project workshops, which explore grief and coping, have been well received.

Dr. Marwit's work in this area has acheived national recognition. His publications, grants, teaching venues, memberships on editorial boards and professional advisory boards, speaking engagements, and community involvements are documented in his resume (see Resume).