Life is full of transitions. Some life changes are inevitable, such as moving from adolescence to adulthood, and adulthood to older age. Others are circumstantial such as changes in marital status (divorce, widowhood, etc.), career decisions (retirement, forced relocation, etc.), and unexpected traums.

Regardless of the type of transition, or its cause, certain dynamics remain the same. All significant life changes involve a battle between the competing forces of trying to retain the safety of the familiar and the need to move on to the new. Put another way, it is the struggle between the grief of having to give up "what was" verses the anticipation and excitement of reaching for "what might be." Dr. Marwit has devoted his professional career to helping people identify what is involved in transition and to mobilize their unique strengths as they move from one life stage to another.

Dr. Marwit works with people as young as those in early adolescence and as old as those dealing with end-of-life. His work does not include very young children, except in the family context, but he is happy to help people find qualified providers who work with this age group.